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Welcome to Wisdom of Islam Organization

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we are start up organization with a computer and internet and we are group of 10 people working in free times or you can say contributing as group to Wisdom of Islam Organization to use our skills and acquired knowledge to be more productive rather than working in mnc companies where our knowledge is rarely chalanged to make difference. and most of us are stuck in routine work especially large group of us worked and working in google maps where our job is to draw lines over roads.


ObjectiveTo acquire knowledge provide healthy environment of learning innovation make money accordence with islamic sharia to afford devlopment costs involved.

Current Works

Devloped more than 500 apps in android and they are live in market and having more 30,000 downloads per day some of our works includes: 1.quran reciters 2.tutorial guides for popular applications like nimbuzz viber 3. quran translators.

Finished Projects

These liquid layouts contain an Internet Explorer Conditional Comment (IECC) to correct two issues. we have devloped android application which is live in market.
Future plan: 1. planning to make a move in webdesining 2.iphone apps 3. windows apps